We sell our wallpaper by the single roll. A single roll of Juju Papers is 27 inches wide by 15 feet long. However, we package and ship the wallpaper in 30 ft continuous double rolls whenever possible. This is because it is a better value for our customers when we package it this way. A continuous 30 ft roll of wallpaper covers significantly more wall than two single 15 ft rolls of wallpaper covers.

However, if you order a single roll or an odd number of rolls, we will cut down a double roll into a single roll and package it for you that way. For example, if you order 5 rolls of our wallpaper, you will receive two double rolls of 30 ft and one single roll of 15 ft. Five rolls packaged in this fashion will cover more wall than would five single rolls.

The price listed on the website is per single 15 ft roll ($230). A 30 ft double roll is $460.